About Us

Meet the Tucsonans Behind the App!

Tucsonan Beginnings

As a young child who grew up in Tucson I can remember when the city was much smaller. In fact, so small me and my grandmother use to walk down Broadway Blvd going from store to store and looking at what each shop had to offer. Some of the owners even knew us on a first name basis because we were there so much!

As time went on and I got older - things changed. The stores that held those memories with my grandmother went out of business, and they were tore down in favor of larger chains who had purchased their locations.
Today, as Tucson grows and the little city I once knew becomes bigger, more local businesses are going out of business. National re sellers, outlets and chains continue to go up and the memories with my grandmother become more faint.

To preserve those memories and local business's in the community, we created the Tucsonan. An application to help give power back to local businesses and to promote the cities economy the way Tucson remembers.

Help our local storefronts today by downloading and using the application as much as possible - because you and them deserve it.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Tucsonan is to connect local residents with local businesses for the best deals in the Tucson area. Unlike other discount and coupon apps, the Tucsonan focuses on the intimate connection of businesses that were founded in our home-city to provide local support and does not put any emphasis on national chains or conglomerates. 

The Tucsonan is the app for Tucson, by Tucson.